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Social apartments in Orhei

Implementation period: June 2007 - 2010

Beneficiaries: orphan girls who graduated the boarding schools

Donator: Caritas Ambrosiana , Caritas Lodi, International Organisation for Migration.


The social apartment team has 2 objectives:

  • To improve the knowledge of the target group about themselves and the world they are living in;
  • Assisting the beneficiaries in their way towards an independent life.


Social Apartments are a temporary social service provided to persons who need social support. The project”™s purpose is toiminish the social difficulties and to reduce the migration of orphan girls who graduate boarding schools. This category of beneficiaries was selected because once the school is over, the only opportunity in life for this girls is the admission to a vocational school. In this case, they have little chances to live an autonomous life and face the reality outside the boarding school. There is a great probability that these girls will become victims of trafficking in human beings. The experience of being abandoned and abused, the life in a boarding school, the age when the girls graduate, lack of money and support constitute risk elements for this girls who haven”™t formed yet their own set of values and their personality which would face the life as it is.


  • Organisation of the apartment and selection of beneficiaries;
  • Development of life habits Professional training of the girls and their later employment;
  • Total autonomy.


6 girls from the target group were selected until now. These are graduates from the boarding schools in Orhei and Leova. After an accommodation period and professional counseling, the girls have chosen their professions. They attend the courses after which they will be assisted in finding a job.

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