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Rainier III Social Centre in Sloveanca, Sangerei District

Implementation Period: January 2006 ”“ December 2007

Beneficiaries: old people and children from the community

Donator: at the beginning the project was supported by Monaco Aide et Presence, at the moment it is financed by Caritas Lodi

Purpose: Providing free access to social services for the under privileged social groups in Sloveanca.


  • Providing daily hot meals for aged people and children;
  • Assistance of pre-school age children facilitation of access to education and activities for personal development for children from underprivileged families.


A social canteen and a kindergarten are operating within the social centre. The inhabitants of the village needed a kindergarten for a very long time. Now, more than 40 children attend it every day. The social canteen is operating in parallel with the kindergarten and provides meals for 10 single old people. For some of them this lunch is the only meal for the day.


  • Less vulnerable situation of the lonely old people;
  • 40 children attend the kindergarten daily;
  • 10 to 15 aged people are provided with hot meals at the social canteen everyday.
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