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"A way to pass”

Implementation period: 2005 - 2007

Beneficiaries:about 60 territorial and parish subsidiaries of the Diaconia Social Mission

Donator: Caritas Ambrosiana, Caritas Vienna


Development of professional abilities of social coordinators and operators from the Diaconia”™s Social Centres; extension of the social network.


  • Organization of 4 trainings for about 60 priests and social assistants from parishes;
  • Initiation of new projects in 15 parishes until the end of 2007;
  • Monitoring and support for the parishes which are willing to start their social-oriented activity.


The first year of activity was dedicated to the formation of operators from the centres, who are already working as well as those who are to start their activity soon. In the same time, regional coordinators worked on the mobilization of priests for their more active social participation. A database was created on the basis of parishes, including information on local necessities and resources.


  • We are currently holding a comprehensive database with the necessary information about the parishes”™ potential;
  • 20 social operators were trained in the writing and management of projects;
  • Different donors financed 11 new projects which will be started in 2007.
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