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Implementation period: May 2007 ”“ April 2008

Beneficiaries: about 100 orthodox organizations of the Basarabia Metropolitan Church, 60 territorial subsidiaries of the Diaconia Social Mission.

Donator: World Churches”™ Council


The project aims to strengthen the social network of the orthodox parishes of Moldova. The network will include all the social centers, socially active parish deaconries and orthodox fraternities under the Diaconia Social Missions.


In order to attain the identified goals, the project will include network activities, presentations, information seminars and trainings involving the most active centresand parishes which are able to stimulate and involve the rest of the network. The webpage of Diaconia Social Mission will be updated and it will promote the network”™s activity and increase the fund raising capacity.


Due to the promotion of the network”™s activities through the webpage and mass-media, the social network ofthe Orthodox Church will increase its fundraising capacities. Collaboration within the network will be more efficient due to network activities, presentations, seminars and trainings. The new methods of social intervention in the case of the underprivileged social groups will be multiplied and applied in a larger number of communities, because of their intense publicizing.

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