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„Saint Nectarie de Eghina” Diagnosis Mobile Service (Termography)

Implementation period: January 2005”“present date (2007)

Beneficiaries: women from rural communities

Donator: World Churches”™ Council (initiation of the project)


To facilitate the access of population from villages to diagnosis services.


Precocious diagnosis of mammary gland pathologies.


The project is being implemented on the national level and has the purpose of diagnosing mammary glands pathologies at early stages. For operating the diagnosis, specialists are using a thermograph (adevice which scans the temperature of the human body (without any noxious effect). For this purpose, the Medical Unit of the Diaconia Social Mission was founded. It also received a license in the domain. Utilization of the thermograph is a novelty for our country, where mammary cancer is one of the most spread oncological diseases.


In the period between May 2006 and October 2007 more than 3065 persons where investigated in 56 localities of Moldova.
The impact on the community: decrease of the death rate because of the mammary glands pathologies.

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