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"Five talents"

Implementation period: May 2007- April 2008

Beneficiaries: Diaconia Social Mission

Donator: Caritas Vienna


Promotion of the image and the brand of the Diaconia Social Mission.


Proposals included in this project are the renovation and continual updating ofthe website. The webpage will serve as an instrument for promotion ofthe Diaconia”™s social activity. It will inform and encourage the civil society to be more socially responsible. A new online mechanism for attracting the funds was worked out. The project includes the creation of promotional materials, coordination of the relations with the mass-media as well as the coordination of a fund-attracting campaign.


By this project, Diaconia intends to strengthen its relations with an increasing number of partners and financers as well as increase the professionalism of the Diaconia Social Mission and promote its image. Diaconia also tries to promote the Church as an important social body which is indispensable to a range of social activities in the Moldovan society.


  • Diaconia”™s webpage was activated and renovated.
  • Diaconia”™s activity was publicized by the written press
  • The name and image of Diaconia is being actively promoted in the country”™s informational environment.
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