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Distant support
Implementation period: July 2007(thelength of the project will depend on the necessities of the beneficiaries andthe willingness of the financer)

Beneficiaries: children from socially vulnerable families form parishes.

Donators: Individuals and legal entities from Austria and other countries.


Distant support is anintervention which aims to solve the family”™s difficulties based on anindividual approach. As part of the project, the beneficiaries receive a set ofservices which includes financial and spiritual assistance. The responsiblepersons for administrating the cases are the priests.

  • Selecting beneficiaries, working out social cards and individual intervention plans;
  • Continual psychosocial and material support of the family;
  • Estimation of the results (twice a year);
  • Working out reports concerning the results attained in the individual workwith the family, which are to be presented to the donor.


14 families are currently involved inthe project. They are provided with the following services:
  • healthcare,
  • material aid (food, furniture, school supplies, clothes and shoes,construction materials),
  • psychosocial support.

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