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National Volunteering Strategy, "One for All and All for a Future" Project

Implementation period: 2005 to present date (2007)

Beneficiaries: young people from different regions of the country.

Donator: Caritas Vienna Purpose:The development of volunteering at the community level.


  • Development of a volunteers”™ network in rural communities of Moldova;
  • Promotion of social responsibility at two levels: individual level and the level of organization or subsidiary;
  • Involvement of youth in community programs;
  • Participation of young people in training activities in order to develop their leader and communicative abilities;
  • Development of social assistance services in communities from different regions of Moldova.


The main idea of the project is to bring back the Christian tradition of social aid, especially volunteering. In this sense the project aimed to involve the most active representatives of the civil society - the youth which is involved in different community activities.


  • More than 100 young people are participating in volunteering activities;
  • About 400 persons are benefiting from the social services provided by the volunteers;
  • Every year 300 children participate in summer camps organized by the volunteers;
  • 10 Social Centers”™ coordinators participated in 3 trainings;
  • 2 experience exchange visits for the centre”™s leaders were organized in Romania and Moldova;
  • At least two projects were initiated by the volunteers”™ groups in two rural communities.
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