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Manfredi Day Centre in Cahul

Implementation period: September 2004 to the present date

Beneficiaries: unschooled children from the town and their parents

Donator: Monaco aide et Presance


Diminishing juvenile delinquency and vagrancy.


Psychological, medical and assistance provided to children and their families reintegration of children in educational institutions reintegration of the vagrant children into their families:


There are two categories of the Centre”™s beneficiaries: direct beneficiaries are the children, indirect beneficiaries are their families.

Children benefit from the following services:

  • safety and security,
  • psychological assistance,
  • healthcare assistance,
  • development of abilities through games and educational activities,
  • daily hot meals,
  • meetings with their parents.

Their parents benefit from:

  • information on the social services network assistance in the process of submitting the necessary documents for receiving free of charge services material aid (in emergency cases),
  • information concerning the free services provided by the state ,
  • settlement of conflicts between parents and their children.


In 2007:

  • 49 children have visited the centre, 15 of them aged between 5 and 7;
  • 32 beneficiaries received healthcare assistance;
  • 20 direct and indirect beneficiaries received assistance in submitting documents for specialized social services and financial aid;
  • 2 children have been admitted to the kindergarten due to the assistance provided;
  • Jobs were found for 4 parents, a fact which will allow them to provide their children with the necessary support ;
  • 19 children, who abandoned the school for several months, were admitted back to the school;
  • 5 volunteers were recruited, who are currently attending the centre each day in order to work with the children;
  • The number of vagrant children has decreased.
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