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Saint Vasile the Great Social Centre from Cania, Cantemir District.

Implementation period: 2001 ”“ present date (2007)


  • Social laundry - 28 aged people from Cania and Cantemir;
  • Children day centre ”“ 20 young school students from the locality.

Donator: Monaco Aide et Presence, from Monaco


Ensuring the free access to social services for vulnerable categories of population from Cania and Cantemir.


  • Consolidation of a group of active and responsible volunteers;
  • Providing hygiene services;school counselling and assistance for children with special educational requirements.


In 2001, the Centre started its activity by providing home medical treatment for 30 old people. Later, the centre has focused on this category”™s most acute needs, and has started offering hygiene services.There is a laundry and a bath within the centre. The beneficiaries include 28 aged people from Cania, Iepureni and Cantemir. Every week,volunteers visit their homes to provide different services ”“conversations, help in the household, reading for those who don”™t see.

Starting 2007, the centre”™s activity has been expanded. It started to assist children, especially young school students. The Centre”™s volunteers make efforts to reduce the risks of abandonment of school, especiallyin the case of children whose parents left abroad.The services offered by the Centre to the children are: counselling and assistance in doing homework; games and other activities; library, video and audio collections; education activities: lessons, discussions; depending on the case ”“ material aid.


  • A solid active group of 22 volunteers was created;
  • 28 to 30 aged people have permanent free access to hygienic services;
  • 20 children improved their school performance;
  • The role of the youth in the communities social life has increased.
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