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Ioan Maximovici Social Centre in Leova

Implementation period: 2006 - 2008

Beneficiaries: 75 single old people from Leova

Donator: World Churches”™ Council, Caritas Vienna.


The purpose of the project is the social rehabilitation of single aged persons. For attaining this goal volunteers from the community are involved by providing different services to the old people.


  • Ensuring hygiene of the single old people”™s houses;
  • Purchasing products for aged persons;offering hygienic packages;
  • Consolidation of a group of active and responsible volunteers.


The centre started its activity with taking care of the single old people at their homes. At present, every week, old people meet the Centre”™s volunteers in order to discuss upon the problems they face. Volunteers periodically go to the aged people”™s houses to help them maintain the household.
There is also a library and a play-room available for volunteers in the centre. In the near future, the Centre intends to broaden its activity by organising a social canteen, where single aged people from Leova will be able to take their meals.


During 2007

  • 75 aged people have benefited from the social assistance provided by the Centre”™s volunteers;
  • A solid active group of 35 volunteers was created;
  • The role of youth in the community”™s social life increased.
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