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Church against trafficking in human beings

Implementation period: January 2007 - August 2008

Beneficiaries: rural communities (parishes)

Donator: International Organisation for Migration


Formation of skills of the Church representatives (especially those from the Moldova Orthodox Church and Basarabia Metropolitan Church) for organisation of traffic-preventing activities and providing support for social reintegration and the rehabilitations of victims of the traffic.


  • Providing information and development of the necessary abilities for fighting the stereotypes and prejudices which are rather common among priests;
  • Establishing methods and procedures for the involvement of the religious community in traffic victims”™ rehabilitation;
  • Creation of capacities for training activities at the level of the communities and for organisation of traffic prevention events in communities, including at the moral education hours.


This project is part of a wider programme of the International Organisation for Migration which is comprises 5 structures of different churches in Moldova.


Arange of local and regional seminars took peace in the North (Balti), South (Cahul) and Centru (Chisinau) Zones during 2007. The seminars brought together all the priests representing the Basarabia Metropolitan Church and representatives of local authorities.

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