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Saint Nicolas Social Centre in Buzdugeni, Edinet District

Implementation period: January 2006 ”“ December 2007

Beneficiaries: children of pre-school and school age from the community.

Donator: Caritas Vienna


  • The aim of the project is to improve the quality of education of the children from the locality;
  • Reintegration of pre-school age children into a educative structure Multilateral development of school-age children, realised through non-formal education and animation activities;
  • Information and development of unemployed young people.


This project offers the children and the youngsters a set of social-educational services, including school-preparing activities, services for pre-school children, extracurricular activities (sports, handicraft, art,computer labs and others) and animation (games, creative art, cultural and artistic programmes etc.). The activities are being heldin compliance with a pre-established schedule.


  • 20 children and 10 to 15 young men attend the centre everyday;
  • The quality of the services and the professionalism of the centre”™s teaching staff have increased;
  • Collaboration relations were established with the Local Public Administration.
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